Food face art

Keeping in with my tradition of taking pictures of good food, I present you with some recent ones.

Moo's fishcake faceNow, some of you will think of me as being ‘silly‘ for even thinking about taking pictures of food, which invariably will be eaten, digested and absorbed into the body by the time the picture is published. However, if you imagine well presented food as art, it’s the type of art that will exist briefly before it disappears; a once in a lifetime act – even replicas will not be exactly the same. Hand made designer clothing? uh huh. Hand made vases? uh.. well, £30 from TK Maxx!

And when the food is eaten, digested and absorbed, that food – that art – will become part of you; you are what you eat. In a nutshell, you have within you a special edition piece of one-off art – good for those who like to think of themselves as artistic.

Anyway, carrying on the analogy, if it happens to be factory-processed ready meals (analogic to postcards), it would not be special art, it is a convenience. Eating kebab – that’s just like splashing paint all over a wall; whether you like that kind of thing – yes, it’s fun once in a while, but doesn’t necessarily do anything good for you.

Laksa noodlesParma ham wrapped Cod with Mushroom and Leek risotto and Roasted peppersCake. Tiramisu. Tasty.Toho food

Finally, as my significant other would say, Diets do not work! Crash diets are bad! Bad diet is bad art! lack of good food is lack of good colour! So yes, keep eating [good stuff], keep exercising, keep up the cultural development.
Besides, it’s 10am, I’ve not properly slept yet, any excuse to post pictures of food would do!