Random links

Trash in NYC: http://anycoloryoulike.biz/arp

Sticky notes: http://vimeo.com/1700732

New homes in England are smaller than those in Europe (I’d like them to compare these to housing in Hong Kong / Japan though!)

If you’ve not seen this yet – animal battle at Kruger between some lions, buffalo and crocodiles!

Lactose Intolerance by groups – the text after the chart is particularly interesting regarding children’s tolerances. Whilst as babies they can consume milk happily, apparently 85% of Chinese & Japanese children will have lactose intolerance by the age of 10, though most could consume 200ml of milk with no issues. Also for more in-depth reading – The Norm amongst the world’s people.

Rickroll’ed! Antispore (if you’re angry after reading that site, you might want to find out what rickrolling is!)