is good for you. (The live probiotic type).

Even you, the lactose-intolerant individuals.

Delicious organic probiotic yogurt
Delicious organic probiotic yogurt

It is a wonderfood, low-fat, and has a nice supply of calcium for those bones. Ignore the common shelf super-sweetened yogurt packs – you’d be surprised at how much sugar is added. Use honey – the good stuff – to further combine wholesome nature smooth goodness which your body will thank you for.

Ok, says the lactose-intolerant individual, how does yogurt help me – it has lactose! Funnily enough, the same bacteria which make yogurt yogurt actually help digest lactose; some of them produce the required enzyme lacking for lactose digestion. As a further bonus in just about most people, they aid digestion. Some manufacturers go further and add even more cultures in, though beware of the duff labels which claim to offer such greatness (the food agencies will have spanked some of them for misleading advertisement by now).

It’s interesting to note that several decades ago, any kind of bacteria is bbad m’kay? however, as with what’s happened with the perception of FAT and many other aspects of nutrition, it has been shown that a number of types are beneficial for you, if not essential. They help your digestive system run smoothly, help fend off gut  diseases, and there are even claims of reducing the chance of cancer! Not withstanding the lack of full scientific backup of this claim right now, anything that reduces the incident of cancer must be good right?

Anyway, my point is, go get some now! and get some honey to go with it if you prefer it sweet! To get you started, here’s what I eat at breakfast for a good low-GI start in the day:

  • portion of Muesli
  • Probiotic yogurt (enough to more than cover the muesli)
  • teaspoon of Honey

Stir the lot together in a bowl, eat it.

(BTW if Martin is reading this – you should eat yogurt. It really helps, I promise! Mix it with your hemp protein stuff)