T-mobile G1 googlephone

Quick summary of what I’ve read from various posts from the blogosphere:

  • Great software – web browsing and touch interface is brilliant; open sandbox design of the OS means plenty of possible applications to do whatever you want
  • Google app/mail/contact syncing is excellent (providing you have an account), though some feel being tied to a Google account is a downside.
  • Poor hardware – battery is crap, lasting half a day of moderate use; design is flimsy, and IMHO rather ugly; 
  • Rather expensive overall for what is essentially a ‘beta’ phone.
Give it another year for the OS to mature with more manufacturers onboard with more form factors and better build quality (what happened HTC?!), and I think it will be a strong contender against the [Jesus?] iPhone and the Symbian phones out there. For now, definitely one just to watch.