Using svn+ssh in TortoiseSVN over a custom port

Just discovered this – to connect to subversion over a SSH tunnel that’s not on the usual port 22, you need to save a PuTTY session using the custom port, and refer to the session name in place of the hostsname in TortoiseSVN.

It seems whilst TortoiseSVN accepts the usual svn+ssh://myhost/repository/path URI (and even the svn+ssh://name@myhost/repository/path variation), this assumes that SSH is running on the usual port 22. I have tried (using port 333 as an example) svn+ssh://myhost:333/repository/path and svn+ssh+333://myhost/repository/path, however these will cause a host not found error.

It turns out that TortoiseSVN accepts a session name in place of ‘myhost‘, and the session name can include characters such as “:” so this would be one way of making the innocent looking svn+ssh://myhost:333/ work!

i.e. create a PuTTY session named ‘new-sess:ion2’ using the SSH protocol connecting to port 333 – and this should work in TortoiseSVN:


– or a session named mysession:333 –


Now thankfully I do not have to be at home to view log information!