BBC iPlayer greasemonkey script update v2.0

I’ve taken the liberty to rewrite the greasemonkey script to handle the new iPlayer layout. I’ve taken a different approach to this by injecting a stylesheet inline and toggling it on. Various videos did not have the ‘Pop-out’ player option, so I’ve added a button to enable/disable this feature in the top-right TV favourites panel. I’m sure most of you will find this works well enough to not use the pop-out option!

Install/update greasemonkey, install/update the iplayer script, browse to iPlayer, choose a film, toggle it on, and press F11 to set your browser to full screen 🙂

I have only tested this in FF3.6 but assuming xPath support is consistant among Firefox versions it should work as long as you have greasemonkey installed.

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